Collins Photo Agency is one of Ireland's premier freelance photographic agencies, covering a wide range of areas including news, features, show business and human interest. 

The agency is based in Dublin and has built up an extensive photo library over the past 30 years covering all areas of Irish life from showbiz to crime and politics. With an unrivalled access to the latest news and event sources, the agency provides an up to the minute service for all media outlets. We also provide photographic coverage of all major cases at the Four Courts in Dublin. 

Employing some of the country's most exciting and innovative photographers, we offer a first class photographic service. We also provide pre-selected image collections on often requested stories or subjects to allow you locate a comprehensive selection of images easily and quickly.

If you would like full access to our archive or are interested in any of our images please contact us. All images created on this website are secured by Irish and International copyright laws.


Phone:  +353 (0) 85 - 2672465